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The People’s Exchange Magazine Shipshewana, Indiana

Visit   The People’s Exchange newspaper (Published by Aurora Services) offers an insider look at the thriving business atmosphere within the Amish community of the Midwest.  A closer look find Amish men seeking new opportunities as the always unstable trailer factory jobs seem to be less and less reliable for a families income source.  Products are developed, services […]

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FaceBook launching a cell phone?!

why not?  You won’t find the news anywhere else on the web really, but the possibility is there.  In a post Android marketplace, the iPhone continues to struggle at maintaining market share and growth seems a thing of the past.  This warrants the questions, would a partnership between Apple’s iPhone and FB make for a marriage made in heaven? The worlds largest […]

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What is online marketing?

The first question that you need to answer is “what do I want to accomplish?”  Normally a business will want to generate more leads, or simply reach traffic with their brand message.  No matter what you want to accomplish online, the key is usually more traffic. Step One: Build a website that accomplishes what you […]

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Elkhart County Search Optimization Firm

Piggy bank with pounds from Crestock Stock Photography Elkhart County was hit harder than any other part of the USA in the recent economic downturn and it has us all counting our pennies.  Goshen Indiana SEO firms offer businesses the edge that can help them increase foot traffic or shopping cart conversions. After this recession […]

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Headless String Adapter

Headless guitars have become very popular since the 1980’s when Ned Steinberger first introduced the design into popular music culture.  Since then many professional musicians have gone headless and the trend continues as Ned’s legacy lives on. Communities like support the headless lifestyle, and give members an opportunity to learn more about their headless […]

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Easy WordPress and Magento Integration

View the original post on Addoa Creative WordPress is among the best web software for blogging and Magento is among is among the best web software for eCommerce. So naturally a marriage between WordPress and Magento is one made in the heavens. Learn how to easily import WordPress content into a Magento page. Once you have Magento and […]

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