Local Business Growth Ideas

Small companies often hit their peak based purely on local population factors. Essentially one the business has penetrated the populous of their niche customer base the business promptly peaks. So what’s next?! Aggressive options like franchising of course are an option. However easier ‘step at a time options are available. Find the product, idea or process that you offer that is unique. Trademarking a product or patenting a unique idea could be your ticket to success but don’t worry there are incredibly easy first steps! They are all about building and maintaining an amazing brand name which is incredible hard work.

Begin to meticulously maintain your customer list. Beginning a mailing list or customer list is fundamental. Get all the info you possibly can but don’t make the mistake of asking for everything on the first date! For an example get an email address in exchange for a free item etc. Next send out an email that collects their physical addresses in exchange for a free coupon or speciality promotion or even sweep steaks. This mailing / customer list is your fundamental building block to building a brand.

Next step is making simple, clear branding decisions across your marketing image mediums. Everything you do needs to have a similar rhythm, flow and look. From website, logo and print your branding needs to be clear, simple and in agreement.

Be creative. If you want to grow, you need the ability to be out of the box on every front. Remember, If your the same your to blame. Example; if you are growing a restaurant (lets assume you have your menu already decided) use a unique marketing ploy. Like send a spoon via physical mail to your potential local customs (potential regulars!) and give them a discount if they bring it back to you.

Finally, get your act together on all mediums. Web, print, networking and advertising. Wow, that’s a big topic.

Next, grow! One customer at a time. The keys are in the unique creative things that you do well. Then it’s just the hard day to day work that’s left!

Why is My Very Successful Position 1 Site Dropping in Search Rank?

This post is going to cut to the chase, essentially your website is going out of style. First of all, is this (or has this been) happening:

    • Your website was position #1 on many or at least one or two very important keywords
    • Over a year or more your site has been dropping down.. slowly, and slot by slot
    • You are now half way down the first page and traffic has cut in less than half

Do This:

  • Who is ranking above you now?  Run a site analysis that compares the infrastructure of the competing website and its features, security and depth of the site.  Compare and find out what they have that you don’t

Answer these questions;

  • Are you updating your site daily?
  • Are you adding new products, information and products weekly?
  • Have you updated the fundamentals of the functionality of your site recently?
  • Have you spent time on making your site cleaner, load faster, navigate more easily or improved the fundamental layout of the site to improve flow?
  • Are your competitors doing any or all of the above?

This outline should inspire you to learn what is happening, and hopefully for your sake help you begin a process of correction.  But either way, here’s the skinny.  You are being out classed.

Google is looking for the best solution for each search query, and apparently you are no longer #1 in Google’s eyes.

What to do?!

Plenty, pretty much everything you haven’t been doing.  I have a friend that enjoyed position #1 for 10 year and needless to say business was booming.  He ranked #1 for these reasons:

  • He was the FIRST website to offer his product offering and hire an expert to lay out his website to properly be able to rank for valuable keywords
  • He did a great job with his customers, and Google new it because he had spent the money to build a great website and he had a wide product offering.
  • It was really that simple

Now what?  Exactly!  His search ranking is dropping every year and he is now position #4!!! Business is not doing well and traffic is in half.  What should he do?

  • RELEVANCY & CONTENT Add a blog and focus on relevant, constant updates that speak to happy customers and all the different types of products and information that he can offer.
  • SPEED & RELIABILITY Rebuild the fundamental website on the fastest and most secure server  that money can buy (its not that pricey).  Make it easy to read, fast to load (as I said) and full of very relevant content including images, links and text.
  • SERVICE & SAFETY Add a secure store (using cutting edge shopping software like Magento) and secure it with the absolute best SSL money can buy.  Then fill that store with EVERY product and EVERY brand that SHOULD BE OFFERED to his customers.
  •  INTERACTION & SERVICE Make interaction easy and 1 click.  Add liveChat or similar chat service.  Add easy to reach contact forms and full phone and email contact info readily available.

Sounds like a TON of work, right?  EXACTLY, and if you don’t do it your competitor will while you continue to slip into oblivion.

A Guitar Forum That Doesn’t Have Annoying Advertising

Being a part of a thriving guitar community is important.  You need the input and collaboration of other musicians if your are going to make it, even in the small time!  Gear Goggle LLC recently launched GearGoggle.net a leading new music forum that offers a banner free /  sponsership free expierence.

For Guitar enthusiasts and music lovers alike this new Guitar Forum offers a hassle free expierence.  Enjoy making new friends and or bring along your friends that are tired of all the add’s and annoying links found on other websites.  Gear Goggle is truly there simply for your enjoyment, not to trick you into clicking on sketchy adds and trickly link placements.

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A Hopeless Rant About Using The Web For Business

You would think that by this point in time businesses would understand the value of the web. I’m sitting in a motorcycle shop right now waiting on a new tire to be installed and while I wait I am checking out their website. It’s crap. I can’t believe it! I could literally pick up all the local search traffic if I wanted to. Here is what they should do, and why they should do it:
First they should spend about 10k on a complete redesign, launch a shopping cart and incorporate a community aspect. They already have a massive customer base locally, why not sell assessories to then on their website? I absolutely guarantee you that those same customers are currently buying their helmets, glasses, leather and gloves from oonline competitors like www.leatherup.com. Why does this local shop not get it?
Step two would be to capture a national presence by using the site to sell to and ship to the entire world. If they would have caught this vision 10 years ago they would literally have dominated but now here they are, still selling $30 gloves to walk ins on a Saturday morning…
Maybe they dint want to grow… Perhaps they are satisfied with being a local shop… Or maybe they just don’t get it yet. People buy stuff online.

Good Directions Products

Good Directions offers a wide array of brass and copper home products including weather vanes, cupolas, hose pots and many other garden and home related outdoor gift products by Good Directions.   With a vast product line and extremely high quality products, Good Directions offers the worlds best products, service and style.

With just a little help from the helpful staff at gooddirectionsproducts.com you will be able to outfit your home with style and a design that will last for ages and ages.

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Choosing the right video surveillance system

When it comes to video surveillance there certainly is a need for careful research.   Don’t take the internet for granted, it can save you a lot of problems and even save you money.  Shopping for the right home surveillance system is very important.  You will need to find a technician that is willing to consult you and help you get started on the right track before you make the purchase so you know that you are making the right long term decision.


Work in Progress

What exactly did you expect?  You signed up for it.  You knew full well that others don’t do it.  You further more knew that others even get paid not to do it.  You were by no means forced.  There is no excuse, you have no excuse and it is your fault.  So go back to work.

What is search personalization & how to avoid it

Google recently introduced their new Google Instant which is a refined version of their beta program, Google Caffeine.   If you have paid attention to search engine news over the last six months you have probably heard the debates about consumer privacy.  If you’ve used a search engine in the last six months chances are you used the new Google Instant.  The new Google search algorithm and Google stored your search information in one of two ways

1. if you were logged into your google account they stored it within your history, and you can disable that if you wish to avoid changes based on past history

2. They stored a cookie in your browser and that is remembering your web history, this can easily be fixed by using your browser settings to disable cookies and or clear cookies

At the end of the day most people don’t care if their search results are personalized, but for those that own a website and wish to see where they stand, its an important move.  Kin to installing Google Analytics


Does Bing Copy Google Search Results?

Here is an interesting topic, competitive search engines.  Essentially, I hate Bing and here is one more reason why.  Bing has been categorically proven to copy Google search results.   Colbert has some interesting perspective on this topic as well.  Bing has came across as “the new kid on the block.”  With a neat new interface and slick clean interactive design, Bing acts sweet and innocent.  However, SEM’s know that there isn’t much difference between the old Microsoft search and the new Bing.

Now this, so why do I hate bing?  My personal opinion is that it is an outdated dinosaur without the capacity to even begin to compete with Google.  Microsoft was always the greedy money grubbing back ally degenerate of the internet.   Placing value on massive obtrusive and offensive ads rather than on user experience.  Rather than working on usability and enhancing the value of their so called “products” Microsoft spent their time trying to trick their users to click on their ads and use their internet search engine rather than email search.

Concisely put don’t waist your time on Bing, if you hate Google use a engine like Blekko.