SEKKOR Hand Made Furnishings

SEKKOR is one of those unique companies that wow you beyond belief with truly stunning products.  Although they are an absolutely brand new company, their product have been around for thousands of years.   Local quarry boulders are shaped into truly magnificent sinks that are each one of a kind masterpieces.  My personal sink is being installed in an outdoor living page.

Amish Toy Store

This is a small project that we started some time ago, and it wasn’t very challenging because there wasn’t very much competition.  We also had a good (related) domain name to work with.  Currently the good guys over at MWD are giving the site a face lift but in a flash they will be back to the races selling more Amish Toys than ever!

Pierceton Antique Mall

Driving traffic to a local business website is very important to the companies success.  This is a brand new project where we will be working on telling GOOGLE that this website ( has real value for its main keywords.  …More information to come soon.

Sweet Water Sound Company of Fort Wayne Indiana

Sweet Water Sound is one of those really cool companies that really gets it.  I toured their facility several months ago and was impressed by who they are and what they do.  Their commitment to customer service is so far beyond what their competitors offer that it truly is only a matter of time until they dominate the music industry.  Unlike competitors like Music Factory Direct, Sweet Water offers in house instrument repair and technical advice.