Does Bing Copy Google Search Results?

Here is an interesting topic, competitive search engines.  Essentially, I hate Bing and here is one more reason why.  Bing has been categorically proven to copy Google search results.   Colbert has some interesting perspective on this topic as well.  Bing has came across as “the new kid on the block.”  With a neat new interface and slick clean interactive design, Bing acts sweet and innocent.  However, SEM’s know that there isn’t much difference between the old Microsoft search and the new Bing.

Now this, so why do I hate bing?  My personal opinion is that it is an outdated dinosaur without the capacity to even begin to compete with Google.  Microsoft was always the greedy money grubbing back ally degenerate of the internet.   Placing value on massive obtrusive and offensive ads rather than on user experience.  Rather than working on usability and enhancing the value of their so called “products” Microsoft spent their time trying to trick their users to click on their ads and use their internet search engine rather than email search.

Concisely put don’t waist your time on Bing, if you hate Google use a engine like Blekko.

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