100 Secrets of The RV Transportation Business

Looking to enjoy the flexibility and income that hauling recreational vehicles by contract can offer?  100 Secrets of The RV Transportation Business is the top guide to starting, running and loving your very own transportation business.  Learn how to buy the right truck and outfit it with the right towing gear.  This is a must have guide to own before you start your RV towing business.  Save thousands and make many thousands more than your competitors by using these proven strategies and simple tips.

For some this book has shown insights that created hundreds of thousands of dollars of annual income.  For others this book gave them enough insight into the requirements of the job that they have chosen not to move forward as they can tell it won’t be right for them.  Still others use this knowledge to choose in advance how to use this opportunity to the perfect advantage for them in their unique situation.

Learn precise per mile, per day, per week, per month and per year revenue reports.  Learn how to maximize annual profits through over a dozen additional revenue streams available to this industry.  Perhaps best of all, after we lay all the facts onto you you will hear stories and perspective from real life RV haulers.

  • Save over $2,000 on towing gear with our recommendations all while getting the right gear!
  • Save big on truck fuel, regular maintenance, devaluation and repairs when you buy the right truck for the job (Recommendation varies based on the personalized matrix)

Buy this book today and we will throw in our ultimate fuel savings e-book “Secrets to Better Fuel Economy With Your Diesel Truck” Absolutely free!

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