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Hey friend, we aren’t accepting any new projects right now but feel free to see what we have to say anyway!

If you are a local business here in Indiana you know that web or internet marketing is an important requirement of modern small business (if you want your business to grow that is).  For example internet purchases are projected to increase by over 60% the next several years alone!  The internet is becoming the way commerce occurs and that’s why I am offering this free web marketing resource center.  I want to make your job of internet marketing including brand and image protection for your local business simple, easy and free.

So I’ve made an easy web marketing action plan for you, simply follow these three easy steps:

  1. Sign up for my “1 step at a time how to market your business online” newsletter.  You will receive 1 email every two weeks with 1 (that’s right just two emails per month) easy steps you can take to dramatically enhance your online marketing presence. So, sign up for the 1 step at a time how to market your local business online newsletter now. Sign Up Now
  2.  Read this simple post I wrote about web marketing strategy.  If you are working with online growth strategy it is important to have the right mindset.  If you go into this project without the right mindset you will find and experience an immense amount of common snares.  Don’t wait, read the online marketing mindset article now
  3. Follow the marketing steps outlined on my “how to market your small business online” page.  Take these steps one at a time, and complete them over time.  Don’t even think about doing this all in the same day, it’s not possible and you will get super discouraged.  Read this article now

My website is designed to take the millions of tidbits of information about web marketing and put it into an easy “how to” format for small businesses.  Making sure your business only utilizes good information rather than malicious or sloppy information that would detriment rather than help your online brand presence.

“Here’s the good news, local web marketing is typically not very labor intensive.  Just follow some simple steps and add time!”

Here’s the good news, local web marketing is typically not very hard, and not very competitive.  I can absolutely guarantee you that if you follow my advice you will have success and really great results!  ie you will get new customers, of course its up to you what you do with them 🙂

 “Forget it Tim! I am good at what I do but when it comes to web marketing I just want to hire you!”

OK, then this next section is for you.  These are all the “paid” options that I can offer you, make a choice and lets move forward with your online success today.

  1. Option number one is the “lets take this one step at a time” option.  Let’s grab a cup of coffee at the electric brew and discuss web marketing.  Contact me now
  2. The second option is “I just need a little help” and that’s OK, no problem.  I can help you with individual tasks like building a functional e-commerce or business showcase website or I can implement social media for your company. No problem, simply contact me now.
  3. Ok, so your serious.  Option number three is the “I’m ready to move forward aggressively with this whole thing what do we do now” option.  Contact me and lets set up an action plan and I’ll give you a quote.

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