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Why is My Very Successful Position 1 Site Dropping in Search Rank?

This post is going to cut to the chase, essentially your website is going out of style. First of all, is this (or has this been) happening: Your website was position #1 on many or at least one or two very important keywords Over a year or more your site has been dropping down.. slowly, […]

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Easy WordPress and Magento Integration

View the original post on Addoa Creative WordPress is among the best web software for blogging and Magento is among is among the best web software for eCommerce. So naturally a marriage between WordPress and Magento is one made in the heavens. Learn how to easily import WordPress content into a Magento page. Once you have Magento and […]

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Top 25 Magento eCommerce Plugins

Magento eCommerce is an open source website application for your eCommerce website. Users prefer Magento due to its flexibility. Here we have summarized some useful Magento plugins for you. And remember that Magento Commerce is included free in all of our web hosting plans! Canonical URLs for Magento adds the canonical links to Magento pages. Yoast MetaRobots is […]

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