Does Bing Copy Google Search Results?

Here is an interesting topic, competitive search engines.  Essentially, I hate Bing and here is one more reason why.  Bing has been categorically proven to copy Google search results.   Colbert has some interesting perspective on this topic as well.  Bing has came across as “the new kid on the block.”  With a neat new interface and slick clean interactive design, Bing acts sweet and innocent.  However, SEM’s know that there isn’t much difference between the old Microsoft search and the new Bing.

Now this, so why do I hate bing?  My personal opinion is that it is an outdated dinosaur without the capacity to even begin to compete with Google.  Microsoft was always the greedy money grubbing back ally degenerate of the internet.   Placing value on massive obtrusive and offensive ads rather than on user experience.  Rather than working on usability and enhancing the value of their so called “products” Microsoft spent their time trying to trick their users to click on their ads and use their internet search engine rather than email search.

Concisely put don’t waist your time on Bing, if you hate Google use a engine like Blekko.

Using Google Adsense for Domains

Google offers several different types of advertising opportunities for domains.  Firstly you could build a website and integrate adsense advertising. Secondly and much more easily, you can use adsense for domains by simply changing the name servers of your domain as instructed in your adsense account.  Here are some examples:

Cedar Furniture

escape travel guitar

estwing hammers

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gear goggle


gear goggle

geargoggle store

guitar luthier

harmonica super store

headless guitar

lambright comfort chairs

mission clocks

music superstore

ned steinberger

ns designstore

guitar electronics

Musical Guru Network

Musical Superstore

Music 123 Sale

Mission Clocks

Guitar Center Coupons

The People’s Exchange Magazine Shipshewana, Indiana



The People’s Exchange newspaper (Published by Aurora Services) offers an insider look at the thriving business atmosphere within the Amish community of the Midwest.  A closer look find Amish men seeking new opportunities as the always unstable trailer factory jobs seem to be less and less reliable for a families income source.  Products are developed, services are offered and ideas are generated for new income sources. and there is no better place than Shipshewana Indiana to see this happening.  Products like Amish toys, household items and farm yard tools are a part of this new revolution of which The Peoples Exchange takes a major part.

The growth of the magazine is due to the always innovative minds of Amish businessmen.  Services are offered by almost every household and in many cases factories are owned or controlled by the Amish. Our hats off to this fine magazine, that fulfills a genuine need for a valuable community.


FaceBook launching a cell phone?!

why not?  You won’t find the news anywhere else on the web really, but the possibility is there.  In a post Android marketplace, the iPhone continues to struggle at maintaining market share and growth seems a thing of the past.  This warrants the questions, would a partnership between Apple’s iPhone and FB make for a marriage made in heaven?

The worlds largest online networking website and the worlds second most popular website bested only by has yet to launch products or any kind.  With round after round of new funding, it begs the question, “when will we see actual profitability from FB?”

Apple, one of the top most recognized brands in the world has accomplished brand loyalty and recognition across many venues.  With a focus on it’s iTunes music sales and devices, Apple has yet to partnership any of it’s products for more market share, but will the Android operating system force their hand?

Speculation aside, is the world largest community, and as such controls and own the largest influence on modern world culture today.  Without being publicly recognized as such, FB founder Mark Zuckerburg  has secretly became the most influential individule in modern history.  Let’s not get too carried away with FB success, but perhaps the key to a apple mobile device domination is held in the hand of Mark, a former college student turned businessman.

What is online marketing?

The first question that you need to answer is “what do I want to accomplish?”  Normally a business will want to generate more leads, or simply reach traffic with their brand message.  No matter what you want to accomplish online, the key is usually more traffic.

  1. Step One: Build a website that accomplishes what you need it to.  Be it e-commerce, corporate branding, membership or donations.
  2. Step Two: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Promoting your business online
  3. Continual improvement of visitor experience using analytics to monitor traffic and user activity

Elkhart County Search Optimization Firm

Elkhart County was hit harder than any other part of the USA in the recent economic downturn and it has us all counting our pennies.  Goshen Indiana SEO firms offer businesses the edge that can help them increase foot traffic or shopping cart conversions.

After this recession is over there is no doubt that we will start on a new playing field.  The tech age is here and the yellow pages are dying with the boomers.

People are competitive shoppers now.  They read reviews and they compare hundreds of companies with the click of a button.  SEO has never been more important.

Headless String Adapter

Headless guitars have become very popular since the 1980’s when Ned Steinberger first introduced the design into popular music culture.  Since then many professional musicians have gone headless and the trend continues as Ned’s legacy lives on.

Communities like support the headless lifestyle, and give members an opportunity to learn more about their headless habit.  Perhaps one of the downsides of a headless instrument is that very often they are only able to use a double ball end string set. Although some newer guitars like the Synapse by Gibsons modern Steinberger brand offer a built in string adapter, however the rest remain incapable of playing normal single ball end strings with an adapter.

How to promote your local business

Once you know how to do it, it’s easy. so here’s some quick tips for free:
#1 Sign up for free local business services like Manta, Google Places and Yelp.
#2 Make sure you have reserved your domain name and put up a basic website.
#3 You can pay for adwords advertising for an additional bonus

Make sure to spend extra time building these page the right way.  Include the following detailed information:

#1 business hours

#2 services offeres and prices

#3 promotions

#4 reviews if at all possable

#5 multiple ways to contact you

#6 price match information if available

#7 business history and description.

Don’t cut corners on any of these and add more unique information if at all possible!

Tegolasolare Integrated Terracotta Solar Panel

Solar panels are a known entity of sustainable design. I would venture to guess that most people could identify a solar panel on a roof or in a field, which speaks to the solar panels distinctive and easily recognizable look. While the iconography of the solar panel denotes sustainability and an awareness of energy use, it is a very specific look that is not always in character with the surroundings. In some residential communities solar panels are not allowed, or they are limited to non-visible portions of the roof. This, of course is a problem.Tegolasolare

Tegolasolare is an company based in Italy that is working to bring historical architectural language into the modern world through solar panels. By combining both worlds they have developed a roof tile made from a red clay spray-dried ceramic mix that looks like tradition terracotta tile, but with an embedded photovoltaic panel. Italians know better than anyone the constraints of building regulations at work in historic centers, so who better to offer a solution. As long as companies continue to develop such innovative and masterful designs our energy crisis will not grow worse.