Chad Yordy is a food blog that we recently set up and it is a good example of a wordpress powered blog. The blogging on Chad Yordy’s wordpress blog is primarily related to food etc. and the theme is a basic free theme that offers typical wordpress functionality.
Chad does not work in a food related industry and offers an unique look at everything from “Coneys to Caviar”. These types of blogs often offer a fantastic review of local eateries.

Chuck Surack

Chuck Surack is the owner and founder of Sweetwater sound, Fort Wayne Indiana which has become a leader in the studio sound engineering industry. The Sweetwater studio is state of the art and is one of if not the worlds most modern and up to date studio. The audio engineers at Sweetwater are exceptionally trained and offer the most cutting edge in sound technology.
Starting from his home, Chuck grew his business to a 100 million dollars of yearly revenue. The new state of the art Sweetwater facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana boasts attention to the environment with its green cooling system and design.

WLFQ 98.7 FM

WLFQ Radio of Elkhart Indiana offers a unique listening experience that has not been matched anywhere else in the world. As a Christian hip hop station WLFQ is certainly both unique and advanced in the way it operates. Tune in daily on 98.7 FM or listen live by clicking the link on
WLFQ DJ James Taylor offers a unique style of on air representation and is certainly on of the most entertaining live radio personalities on air today. The website is being redesigned so stay tuned for new and improved features!

Estwing Hammers & Hand Tools

Estwing offers one of the most well recognized brands of tools in the u=industry with their ergonomic design and longevity. I have owned their tools ever since I was young and have found their tools to outlast most users. Recently I began a project for Starting with general optimization, we helped the domain rank for the keywords “estwing”, “estwing hammer” and a few other long tail keywords and phrases. There is a long history of tradition that attaches itself to the Estwing brand and a widely accepted following of true brand followers. …I personally am proud to be among them!
Soon our home page makeover will also be live. So to all you hardcore carpenters out there, here’s to you!

Mark Phillabaum

Mark Phillabaum is a local indiana businessman involved with many local businesses including and Mark has been involved in the outdoor furniture industry for many years.

Doug Rassi

Doug Rassi is the current president and CO of Poly-Wood, Inc. of Syracuse Indiana. Doug has been an enterprising entrepreneur for all of his professional life and has lead Poly-Wood to become the industries leading manufacturer of high density polyethylene outdoor furniture.

E-Commerce Payment Gateway has been the leading online payment gateway for serious E-commerce folks. I have used their services on a number of occasions and recommend their services. To sign up for your account use the following link:

SEKKOR Hand Made Furnishings

SEKKOR is one of those unique companies that wow you beyond belief with truly stunning products.  Although they are an absolutely brand new company, their product have been around for thousands of years.   Local quarry boulders are shaped into truly magnificent sinks that are each one of a kind masterpieces.  My personal sink is being installed in an outdoor living page.