Online Reputation Management Service; The Do it Yourself Alternative

Just like the commercials say, your online reputation is important and managing it could save you big time.  This isn’t just a long term pay off, it’s an immediate pay off.  When someone searches for you what will they find?  the truth or a bad review that a competitor made up and is broadcasting across the web just to gain a competitive edge against you?

So, if you believe me on that the question is what to do?  You could pay a service to clean up you online image but that is of course a little pricey. If your a DIY guy like me, take these steps, it really is not that hard it just takes a little time and some work.

You want to own the first three pages in Google.  That’s the tough part! 

  1. Gain control.  Launch a modern, up to date website and start keeping it up to date.  If you already have this your ahead of the game, if you don’t your way behind. 
  2. Launch your companies social media pages on FaceBook, Yelp, Twitter, FourSquare and any other relevant option you can find.  The key here is control, give your customers the option of writing reviews on pages you own. If a competitor sabotages you automatically avoid the pain of him controlling these types of pages.  Your customers will look on these types of pages for genuine reviews to compare to anything else they read.  Remember!  Allow your customers to post genuine negative reviews!  Simply respond and resolve.  Real customer problems that are resolved are super valuable to proving your legitimacy and commitment to customer service. 
  3. Spend time getting real reviews from real customers.  Offer discounts and promotions to get REAL customer reviews ALL OVER the web.  People are searching… THIS is what you want them finding! 
  4. Blog.  Install a blog, tie it in with your social media and blog relevant information consistently.  This will give a whole lot more advantages than just control of your brand, it will bring in new customers! 

Sound hard?  It’s not so bad as all that, one the ball is rolling it will be rewarding and shocking how much you get in the way of positive results!

Remember, if you need help, just let me know.

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