What You Should Think About Online Marketing

Yes, its a bold headline but regardless what I am about to tell you is the truth about what you should be thinking about online marketing.  Too many businesses get caught up in a mindset of “cheating search engines” the minute they begin marketing online.  There is a ton of info available on this topic and my clever friends we all get bitten by the greed bug and next thing we know we are racing around trying to conquer the world.  Don’t.  Here’s what you should do instead.

  1. Have the goal of building the most user friendly, fast, informative and resource laden web presence available to your customers. 
  2. Never try to cheat a search engine.  The likelihood is that you will succeed and it won’t be long before the search engines change their algorithm to punish you and the millions of others taking advantage of a “loop hole” or to put it bluntly “cheat”.  Search engines are spending millions on eliminating the individuals that cheat and rewarding the individuals that are building a quality resource.  Why not take advantage of that instead of attempting to out smart a company that is spending millions to find legitimate businesses?  Be individuals, get rewarded.  I rest my case.
  3. Find a good healthy web plan and plan for the future.  Just like a real business this wont happen over night, but rather the hard work of a year or two will pay of and create momentum that will reward your business for many years to come.
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