The Amazing Hoover Dam

Lets start with this information resource on the potential life span of the Hoover Dam.  Pretty cool stuff. Lets continue with a little Google tour of the dam.  This photo, looking down the dam is probably my favorite.  Now, here are some great images of the inside of the Hoover Dam.

Probably one of the most popular man made attractions in the USA, the Hoover Dam never ceases to amaze.  One of those incredible feats that inspires awe and respect for those who labored to create it.

Read the Hoover Dam story, or what the government says about it.  Also, just for kicks, here is yet another situation where an employer is struggling to find good employee’s to hire

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam


Articles from the Past

Many articles have been written about Hoover Dam. Here we will try to assemble a few of the better ones to give you not only technical data about the dam, but an appreciation of how people have been impressed with it throughout its history.

Chronology – A list of important events and dates in the history of Hoover Dam and the surrounding area.

The Grand Dam – Reproduction of an article written in 1995 by Julian Rhinehart, dealing with the art and beauty of Hoover Dam.

Dog on a Catwalk – This is an article that was written by an unknown Hoover Dam Guide many years ago.

Fortune Magazine – A September 1933 article on the progress of construction on the dam.

What’s In A Name? – The story of how Hoover Dam got its name.

Herbert Hoover and the Colorado River – Information about Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the United States.

Sound Bytes – Short history articles produced by the local Public Radio Station.

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