Headless Guitar String Adapter Review StringAdapter.com

Over the years I have owned a multitude of various headless instruments, most notably of the Steinberger variety. Utilizing double ball end strings for my instruments was in some way an exhibition of excellence, knowing that theoretically the double ball end string is the way to go.  However, there were times when procuring double ball end strings proved to be bottleneck and in those times I dreamed of a simple solution.  When I uncovered StringAdapter.com I figured that their adapters had to be worth a try and for a mere $60 plus a few dollars of shipping I had my very own adapter to experiment with.

The pleasure of purchasing and immediately using any set of strings my heart desired far outweighed the feeling of exclusivity achieved from the double ball end lifestyle.  Albeit I still do use double ball end strings there is not a date in time that you can pick up by guitar case and not find an adapter readily available.

There are several reasons I chose StringAdapter.com and those are the same reasons I do not regret buying through them.  First, they are made in the USA by a small shop that is easy to work with.  The quality of every single adapter I have purchased has been superb (no problems so far anyway).  I have bought several and have used them now for many (6 I think?) years.

For more info on this nifty product visit their website: http://stringadapter.com/string-adapter/compare-prices/

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