Why is My Very Successful Position 1 Site Dropping in Search Rank?

This post is going to cut to the chase, essentially your website is going out of style. First of all, is this (or has this been) happening:

    • Your website was position #1 on many or at least one or two very important keywords
    • Over a year or more your site has been dropping down.. slowly, and slot by slot
    • You are now half way down the first page and traffic has cut in less than half

Do This:

  • Who is ranking above you now?  Run a site analysis that compares the infrastructure of the competing website and its features, security and depth of the site.  Compare and find out what they have that you don’t

Answer these questions;

  • Are you updating your site daily?
  • Are you adding new products, information and products weekly?
  • Have you updated the fundamentals of the functionality of your site recently?
  • Have you spent time on making your site cleaner, load faster, navigate more easily or improved the fundamental layout of the site to improve flow?
  • Are your competitors doing any or all of the above?

This outline should inspire you to learn what is happening, and hopefully for your sake help you begin a process of correction.  But either way, here’s the skinny.  You are being out classed.

Google is looking for the best solution for each search query, and apparently you are no longer #1 in Google’s eyes.

What to do?!

Plenty, pretty much everything you haven’t been doing.  I have a friend that enjoyed position #1 for 10 year and needless to say business was booming.  He ranked #1 for these reasons:

  • He was the FIRST website to offer his product offering and hire an expert to lay out his website to properly be able to rank for valuable keywords
  • He did a great job with his customers, and Google new it because he had spent the money to build a great website and he had a wide product offering.
  • It was really that simple

Now what?  Exactly!  His search ranking is dropping every year and he is now position #4!!! Business is not doing well and traffic is in half.  What should he do?

  • RELEVANCY & CONTENT Add a blog and focus on relevant, constant updates that speak to happy customers and all the different types of products and information that he can offer.
  • SPEED & RELIABILITY Rebuild the fundamental website on the fastest and most secure server  that money can buy (its not that pricey).  Make it easy to read, fast to load (as I said) and full of very relevant content including images, links and text.
  • SERVICE & SAFETY Add a secure store (using cutting edge shopping software like Magento) and secure it with the absolute best SSL money can buy.  Then fill that store with EVERY product and EVERY brand that SHOULD BE OFFERED to his customers.
  •  INTERACTION & SERVICE Make interaction easy and 1 click.  Add liveChat or similar chat service.  Add easy to reach contact forms and full phone and email contact info readily available.

Sounds like a TON of work, right?  EXACTLY, and if you don’t do it your competitor will while you continue to slip into oblivion.

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